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Annual output of one hundred thousand tons of organic fertilizer equipment and technology
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      Annual output of 10000 tons of organic fertilizer production line equipment are: groove type fermentation heap machine, grinder, horizontal mixer, new type of half wet material is organic fertilizer granulator, cast round machine, cooling machine, rotary dryer, rotary drum screening machine, automatic packing machine.

      Organic fertilizer production line equipment performance specification:

      (a). Groove turns heaps machine: groove type double push machine is suitable for livestock and poultry dung, sludge waste, sugar mill filter mud, groove, sawdust and straw residue cake fermentation of organic wastes such as push, widely used in organic fertilizer factory, fertilizer plant, sludge stink, king and the fermentation of agaricus bisporus planting factory and rotten and removing moisture.

      Organic fertilizer groove turns heaps machine main features removed:

      1. Organic fertilizer production line is suitable for aerobic fermentation, fermentation room with solar energy, fermentation tank and transitional machine, etc. And with the use of transitional machine can achieve more in one slot.

      2. The matched fermentation tank can be continuous discharge can be expected on the batch. High efficiency, stable operation, strong and durable, and turn evenly.

      3. Organic fertilizer production line control cabinet centralized control, which can realize manual or automatic control function.

      4. Equipped with soft starter, impact load is low when it is started.

      5. With the pull out tooth pressure lifting system.

      6. Pulling teeth strong and durable, the material has a certain breaking and mixing ability.

      7. Limit switch, limit and security.

      (2) of the grinder of half wet material is: mill of half wet material is widely used in biological organic fermentation compost, urban domestic waste composting, grass mud carbon, rural straw trash, industrial organic waste, chicken manure, cow dung, sheep dung, pig, YaFen biological fermentation high wet materials such as grinding process of special equipment. The equipment of biological fermentation organic fertilizer material moisture value of 25-55%, crushing particle size to meet the requirements of 50 mu granulation. It solves the problem of high water-content organic crushing, for through fermentation processing of organic material crushing effect is best. Belong to domestic initiation, it also applies to mining, coal, metallurgical industries such as fine crushing.

      (3), mix horizontal mixer: horizontal mixer is my company a new generation of mixing equipment. Mixing uniformity, high residue, less suitable for compound feed, concentrated feed, a mixture of additive premix. Specific features are: material are fully mixed. To improve the mixing uniformity; Adopting rotor structure, the minimum clearance between housing and rotor can be adjusted to near zero, effectively reduce the residual material; In a oil adding pipe machine, overall structure more reasonable, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance.

      (4) organic fertilizer granulator: using the high speed rotary mechanical shearing force and the resulting air power, make the continuous implementation of the fine powder material in the machine mixing, granulating process, spheroidizing, dense, so as to achieve the goal of the granulation. Acuity 0.7 particle shape is spherical, the spherical degree, usually in the particle size of 0.3 3 mm, granulating rate is 90% or higher, the size of the particle diameter can be adjusted through the spindle speed and quantity of the material mixing appropriate, often mix amount is lower, the higher the speed, the smaller the particle, and vice versa. Application: this machine is especially suitable for lightweight powder granulation material. Basic particle, the more fine powder materials, particle spherical degree is higher, the quality of the ball, the better. In front of the general requirements of material granulation particle size should be less than 50 mesh mesh advisable, typical application materials: chicken manure, pig, cow dung, charcoal, clay, kaolin, etc I plant production of pellet machine adopted the advanced principle of particle machine manufacturing technology at home and abroad for reference, carefully developed, repeated experiments, the machine under normal temperature production bacteria, reasonable structure design, can produce cylindrical, round ball two types of granular product, produce the grain moisture content is low, easy drying, high molding rate, particle strength, appearance and other characteristics, is the ideal biological organic fertilizer granulation equipment.


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